We target mid-cap companies in Egypt, often in sectors that can benefit from the positive fundamentals of Egypt’s economy, that can grow to become local or regional champions and that create lasting transformations and deliver superior returns.


We believe that long-term vision and genuine partnership are the basis for collective success. This is why we look for partners who want to ‘redefine the finish line’ and build not only a great company but a lasting legacy. We work closely with our partners to define and align on such a vision and on how to get there.


With a highly diverse team that combines local insight, international experience, and familiarity with the financial, operational, and people aspects of businesses, we help create strong and effective management teams and work diligently to enable them to succeed and thrive.

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Ezdehar is a private equity fund manager based in Egypt. We partner with companies which we can develop a shared long-term vision with and who are seeking a true partner in growth. Together with our partners we redefine the finish line and help to grow companies ‘with our sleeves rolled up’. Since its launch in 2014, Ezdehar has created a strong track record of success and we intend to build on this over the years to come.

Our varied and extensive experience, coupled with perseverance and rigor in the approach, have helped and are helping to guide mid-market businesses towards superior growth and long-term sustainability.

Ezdehar’s team of investment professionals provides its portfolio companies with strategic guidance, support to achieve operational excellence, and genuine partnership. We develop the vision and strategy together and help create robust yet dynamic organizational structures and systems to support companies as they grow successfully and sustainably. The combined industry knowledge, investment, and operational expertise support our portfolio companies while leaving them the space they need to truly build and create .

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