Ezdehar Management is a private equity fund manager investing in high growth businesses in Egypt. Our first fund, Ezdehar Egypt Mid-Cap Fund invests in mid-sized companies with high growth potential, operating in the country’s defensive sectors which benefit from its inherent macroeconomic and demographic growth drivers.

Our team of investment professionals actively support our portfolio companies to align a strategy and vision with management teams, creating sustainable organizations and unlocking their potential. Ezdehar’s professionals leverage their wealth of experience in operations, industries, and investments, and their passion to transform businesses, accelerate growth and create value for all stakeholders.

Recognizing Potential

We target mid-cap companies in Egypt with high potential for growth, often in sectors which benefit from the underlying fundamentals of the ever-growing Egyptian economy, offering our investors above-market returns.

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Transforming Businesses

With a unique team that combines local knowledge with international experience, we partner with management teams and entrepreneurs to provide strategic resources that build market-leading companies and help them thrive.

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Aligning Vision

Ambition, alignment and integrity are the foundation of our partnerships, and we strive to unlock value to our portfolio companies using our capital, strategic insight, global networks and operational support, transforming dynamic local companies into industry leaders.

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Our Edge

Highly Experienced Investment Team

Truly diverse in terms of age, education, experience, sector exposure and skills, Ezdehar’s team brings extensive investing and operating experience from local and international firms. We partner with portfolio company management teams to unlock potential and create sustainable, long-term value for all stakeholders.

Targeting High-Growth Defensive Sectors

We focus our investments on food and beverage, consumer retail, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and other sectors which ultimately benefit from Egypt’s underlying macroeconomic and demographic growth trends.

Rigorous Multi-faceted Investment Process

We employ a unique and disciplined investment process, starting with rigorous screening to identify the most promising investments to the provision of operational, financial, and strategic resources post-acquisition to help successful businesses reach their full potential.

Addressing the Private Equity Market Gap

Ezdehar focuses on the mid-cap space in Egypt, which is insufficiently addressed by private equity. We target companies with solid business models, good management teams, and a willingness to cooperate with a value-add financial partner.

Diverse Pipeline of Investments

Armed with a deep knowledge of Egypt’s business climate and its opportunities, our team cultivates and leverages our established relationships with a network of corporations and financial institutions in Egypt and abroad to execute accretive investments across the country. With a minimum equity investment of USD 5 million and a unique access to compelling opportunities within Egypt’s mid-cap space, we maintain an active pipeline of identified investments across a diverse range of sectors.


Acquisition Date: March 2017
Sector: Industrial
Status: Current 

Leading manufacturer, designer, fabricator and installer of glass and aluminum architectural facades.

Global Lease

Acquisition Date: Feb 2018
Sector: Financial Services
Status: Current

Egyptian non-bank provider of financial leasing products to small, mid-cap and large companies.

Dsquares LLC

Acquisition Date: May 2018
Sector: Business Services
Status: Current

Leading provider of loyalty and rewards services and solutions to corporates in Egypt with an expanding international footprint.