Dsquares LLC (Dsquares)

Acquisition Date
May 2018
Business Services
About Dsquares

Established in 2011, Dsquares is a multi-sector provider/manager of loyalty services and solutions to a prestigious portfolio of international and local corporate clients, with a strong foothold in Egypt and a growing presence internationally. Dsquares’ solutions include design and implementation of points-based loyalty programs, coupon-based offerings, and concierge services. These solutions – combined with Dsquares’ network of 500+ merchants and 7,000+ retail outlets – help clients improve customer retention and increase engagement. Dsquares also expanded into a mobile-enabled direct-to-consumer discounts product through the launch of its mobile application (“Lucky”) in early 2019, which has gained significant traction in the Egyptian market.

Ezdehar worked with Dsquares’ management to grow its international footprint, expand into adjacent business lines, improve financial control and reporting, enhance its corporate governance, and ensure a sustainable ESG management system is in place.